Service Evaluation Internet Service Provider Survey Template

Service evaluation and feedback for an Internet Service Provider.

Thank you for contacting our help desk. Please help us better serve you by completing the following questionnaire:
Overall, how do you feel about your experience with [COMPANY] as your Internet service provider?

Rate the following aspects of your internet connection from
Very Good
Busy signals
How would you rate [COMPANY] software for ease of installation and use?
For which operating system did you place your call to support?
In speaking with your support representative, how would you rate the following aspects?
Interest in solving your problem
When solving your problem, how would you rate the information provided?
Understanding of the problem
Was your problem solved on this call?
If your answer to the previous question was no, why?
If you needed to contact [COMPANY] 's technical support again and were given the option to speak with this representative, would you?
If no, why not?
How would you rate [COMPANY] technical support as compared to that of other companies?
Thank you for completing the survey. If you require further assistance, please send an e-mail to [EMAIL_ADDRESS] . We can also be reached at [PHONE_#] 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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